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What is Local Hack Day: Learn 2022? 

Local Hack Day: Learn is your opportunity to spend a week focused on learning the skills you’ve always wanted to tackle. In accepting this quest, you are in for an adventure featuring workshops, fun mini-events, challenges, panels, and more. These will help you to earn experience points no matter what level of hacking you are at, whether it’s writing your first lines of code or creating a multi-faceted project. 

We will be bringing back all of your favorite features from Local Hack Day Learn, Build, and Share 2021 like challenges, live technical sessions with MLHers, mini-events galore, and some cool content from our partners! Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Beginner-friendly workshops

  • Challenges for all difficulty levels and all topics such as design, social, technical, entrepreneurial

  • Hacker-run guilds

  • Talks from friends of MLH and our partners

  • Live sessions run by MLHers

  • And maybe an appearance from Totally Not Ryan (TNR)

Can I get swag at this event?

Yes, of course! LHD: Learn will feature some amazing 2022 Hackathon Season swag…you’ll have to participate to find out exactly what you’re getting!  

 What is a Guild? How can I be a part of it?

One of the best parts of our community is that it allows people to meet and make connections with others, regardless of where you live. guilds are smaller communities within Major League Hacking. Whether you come in with a guild or not, you won’t be hacking alone. 



Your challenge submission must be completed within the submission period( Friday, October 15th at 12 PM EST - Saturday, October 16th at 12 PM EST

When relevent, your code must be available in some sort of public repository. 

If you're continuing work on an old project, you MUST specify in your Devpost what was worked on 1) before this day one of Local Hack Day: Learn 2022 and 2) during day day of Local Hack Day: Learn 2022.  

Hackathon Sponsors


Use a Social Media API

We’ve seen a ton of great social media activity during LHD: Learn, so we’re challenging you to take that a step further. Try using a Social Media API like Facebook or Twitter. Share it with us over on our Day 6 Devpost.

Learn about Cybersecurity

Creating secure applications is essential in 2021. Take some time today to learn more about cybersecurity and try out implementing an element of cybersecurity in your hack. Submit securely on the Day 6 Devpost.

Learn how to use Flask

Ryan loves Flask and wants you to love Flask too. If you’ve never used Flask before, we’ve got a Starter Kit to get you going. Either way, we want you to create anything with Flask as your framework. Submit on our Day 6 Devpost.

Learn about the Weather

Weather APIs are a great way to add a level of automation to your project. Ideas include an alarm clock to tell you the weather in the morning, create an application that picks out your commute based on the weather, or predicts the best days to get outside for a run. Show off how you used it on Day 6 Devpost!

Learn how to remember

Keep forgetting to submit your challenges on time? We’ve got you covered. Create an application that will help remind you of any tasks you ask it to! Remember to submit on the Day 6 Devpost when you’re done.

Help Someone Learn

You’ve spent all week learning new skills! Today, create something to teach someone else something. It could be a video or live tutorial, a slide deck, an infographic, or anything else you can think of. Teach us on our Day 6 Devpost.

Use the Foxit Web SDK to create a PDF Link Generator

Foxit’s Web SDK allows you to use PDF technology in web based applications. Create a web-based PDF editor that can analyze an area of selected text and return a relevant link annotation where the text was found. Download the SDK (, license key ( & documentation ( to get started.

Learn how to Document

Great code needs great documentation. Take some time today to document your code - either something you made this week or someone else’s code you found online! Document that you completed this challenge on our Day 6 Devpost.

Learn about Crypto

Crypto/blockchain applications seem to be getting more and more popular! Try incorporating blockchain into a project and send it to us (securely) on the Day 6 Devpost.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Major League Hacking

Major League Hacking

Judging Criteria

  • None
    Local Hack Day: Learn is about celebrating our love for learning. Instead of judging projects and awarding prizes, we are giving out points to hackers who complete these challenges.

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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